Funnel Principle Selling™

Funnel Principle Selling™

The Game Changing Sales Method That Aligns Your Selling to the Customer’s Buying Process

Funnel Principle SellingTM Changes Everything

Customers don’t need salespeople like they used to and yet some salespeople keep selling as if this is not true. Customers have more information, more access, access 24/7, and are more connected to peers and their network. As a result, many salespeople are at risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers and their markets.

The key is to align your selling to how your customers buy. The key is Funnel Principle Selling.

Nine New Fundamentals of Winning the Sales Opportunity

Funnel Principle Selling is a sales course from Breakthrough Sales Performance. It introduces 9 fundamentals that will transform your sales effectiveness. You’ll learn how to sell in the High Payoff Zone of Qualification, have purposeful Stage Conversations, manage to Target TVR and more.Funnel Principle Selling is the only sales method that uses the BuyCycle Funnel to align your selling to how your customers buy. This is the most effective approach to selling possible.

A 5-Step Process to Guarantee ROI Beyond Training 

Funnel Principle Selling is part of our proprietary end to end solution for delivering the results you need from your sales training investment. We call it the 5 Step Process. Check out our videos below for more information on each Step.

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