For deal strategy and pipeline management

For deal strategy and pipeline management

How solid is your deal strategy and pipeline management?

Deal Strategy 

The best deal strategies are the ones that align your selling to how the customers buy and that are followed through with the best execution.

We wrote the book on that.

Our game changing BuyCycle Funnel model is the industry’s most effective way to align selling to how your customers buy. Our A3 process guarantees consistent execution of the strategies you set. You and your sales team will create better deal strategies that help you identify the most important stakeholders, get access to and sell to the PFA, leverage Advocates to fight for your solution, use the High Payoff Zone to quickly and accurately qualify, maximize discovery and qualification by asking Stage Questions and Criteria Questions, and deliver consistent execution.

The Funnel Principle Sales Methodology is the simplest, most powerful approach you’ll ever use.

Build A Better Sales Pipeline 

A healthy pipeline isn’t about ‘filling the funnel’ – it’s about growing TVR.

We created a simple, powerful leading indicator called TVR, Total Viable Revenue, to help you and your sales teams consistently develop healthy pipelines to achieve quotas year after year.

Now comes the most important part of the process – Funnel Audits.

Our Funnel Audit process is a monthly inspection of the pipeline that shows how much TVR is needed and how to find more.
With Funnel Audits you’ll never be surprised again and you’ll have more reps hitting quota than ever.

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